Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A bible for Vintage Fashionista Bookworms

So I stumbled across this book a few weeks ago after I had heard the Queen Street Plaza was having a showing of costumes from the T.V series Mad Men, one that I have watched from season 1 to 4 three times over this past year. I have fallen in love with each character (a small secret-Mr Donald Draper is my phone screen saver, seriously). I have gotten too involved in all the dramas and yearned for a whisky whilst watching each episode. The set, the dashing Draper and beautiful Betty kill my little eyes and I feel like a school girl wanting to be them when I grow up, but alas the one thing that makes my heart tick throughout the whole series is, of course, the wardrobe. Hats, gloves, frocks and shoes. By golly it really is a minefield of glory in my eyes.

Anyway enough lusting, I missed the showing of said costumes which I then found out was a book launch for 'The Fashion File' which is a book on Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the costume designer of the series Janie Bryant. She was also the costume creator of the series 'Deadwood', which was another amazing watch. It's a beautiful book and I have a feeling is going to sit on my boudoir table for months to come.

It's a treasure trove for pretty pictures and also advice and tips on; a perfect colour chart, accessories (a favourite), flattering styles for all different shapes, even how to obtain your measurements for yourself and also how to do your own measures for the perfect fitting brazier.

I love what she has written as a send off at the end of the book:

"What I love about style is, it allows you to express yourself. You can reveal your wit or nostalgia or sense of wanderlust through fashion. And please don't let me ever hear you moan 'But I have no style". It's there, I promise you.
Having said that, I do have a couple of firmly held personal beliefs about looking and feeling great: First and foremost, fantastic style flourishes from a foundation of self-love. Remember those heart-thumping high school crushes that made you walk into walls? Well, now is your time to become infatuated with you. Buy a bouquet of Dutch tulips for your bedside table, dress up on a rainy day just to admire yourself in the mirror. In short, pay more attention to yourself than anyone else for once in a while.
Second, you must always trust your own instincts about style. If you love a certain piece or colour and it makes you beam, wear it. The confidence and exhilaration you exude in that outfit becomes a major percentage of your style.
And most importantly, always have fun with fashion. Look for cultivating your styles as a creative outlet and indulge in your inner fantasies"

Anyway here are some favourite parts of the lovely hardcover treasure trove.

The ever devine front cover of the book & the even more devine January Jones and Jon Hamm, swoon. There has never been a more creamy couple.

A passion for vintage from the 1920's to the 1970's. 
The 1950's being a favourite, organza gowns and gorgeous gloves <3

Followed closely by the 1940's. The War Bride era, seamed stockings, hemlines hit the knee lengths of seamed skirts, and the shoulder pads that helped create a silhouette. What a dream.

The dressing room. The foundations; bras to girdles to garters. Your silhouette starts with your foundation garments. 

Throughout the book it has lovely little checklists and cocktail chatter. 
Cute little tips, ie; devoting an hour or so varying the look of your little black dress with accessories like belts, wraps, add bangles or gloves.
I truly believe with accessories More is More. 
"Wink at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house and add one more accessory"
Ain't that just the dandiest thang.

Defining you silhouette and secrets for dressing your shape

As little girls, we play dress-up because we want to be someone else. Now we play dress-ups to show the world the amazing women we have become.

Ciao Bella.

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