Monday, 7 November 2011

Ladies who Lunch

So this past weekend I went to Siroment Winery at Mt Cotton for a monthly 'Ladies who Lunch' luncheon where we gorge on delicious foods and random chit chat. It was such a beautiful day weather wise and we were served with far too many platters for a group of 7 and I had way too big a slice of cake, I don't feel guilty though, nope, not one bit.

Outfit: This dress I picked up a couple of weekends ago at one of my dearest friends stores, . It is a piece out of the 'Prim and Proper" range. I have worn it without a petticoat as I didn't want to be too formal at a luncheon, it really is perfect with a few layered petticoat underneath but still sits out nicely without one. Watch out for your bosoms though you big busted ladehs because it really doesn't hide much in that department, not one for the faint hearted.

Accessories: This bag I picked up at a Thrift store I'm pretty sure in Sydney years and years ago, nothing better than picking up a bright little number for under $2.00. My earrings are a hand-me-down from my mother, she said she has had them since the 70's, back in her Sydney living days also. My ring is from Wallace Bishop Jewellers, when my marriage ended one silly thing I missed was wearing my rings, they were so beautiful and having diamonds on your hand just feel so, dainty. So I went out one day and splurged, sure they aren't real diamonds but it sparkles just as pretty and makes me feel just as special, if not a little more because I got it for myself with no guilt, a new kind of special, my very own kind of special. Actually that was a great week, I bought my first car, booked a holiday to Thailand and acquainted myself with a lovely piece of jewellery . The shoes are a gift from my lovely mother again, I think she picked them up at a boutique in Cleveland. See a pair of ballet flats in every colour come in handy, especially when you know you are going to be walking in a garden/winery drinking wine out in the sunshine, shoes with height would not be a smart idea.

Pout: I am wearing a lipstick my late Aunt left me (she left me all her unused makeup and perfumes) many years ago, yes it's probably out of date but it still wears well and isn't funky by any means. It's Estee Lauder All day Beautiful Pink R66, i'd actually love to know i they still make it. Looks like another visit to Myers is due.


  1. Wow, what a dress! I would love something like this in red or pink satin! Bombshell! x

  2. Thanks so much lovely. They do have it in a few different prints but I totally agree in a satin or organza would be ever so devine! Think I may just have to dust off my sewing machine and attempt to re create it xo

  3. Hi hun would you still have this dress? lost in house fire loved dress