Monday, 31 October 2011

Nocte Boudoir

This post is dedicated to my favourite part of most days. When the sun's gone down, dinner is over and the dishes are done. When you get to relax in your comfiest of negligée's with a glass of your favourite poison and your most enjoyable of records.

Outfit: If I were ever to re marry it would only be to a selection of fine men, one being Mr Peter Alexander. What a divine gentleman he is, to create such beautiful pieces for your boudoir. I purchased this one a few months ago and it is so comfortable. I get surprised with how often new collections come up. A site you sure shouldn't pass up, just don't step into a store- it's sure to get you
Anyway I can never pass up anything Gingham or anything a cute shade of pink.

Poison: My father treated me to a bottle of wine, he orders it from the Guide Dogs monthly and will usually get a couple of cases in each shade of wine. Tonight I had Tyrrells Shiraz Cabernet, the perfect concoction to warm the soul.

Record: I can not stop listening to of late Mariache El Bronx, just totally and utterly head over heels.Can not wait to hold another Mexican Fiesta soon.

Now I can't go through the week without setting my hair, 3 down the middle, 2 on each side and bricka-bracked down the back. Ladies these babies will be your best friend for life. Weather you are wanting some body in your lovely locks or curls to get the boys'a lusting, they are sure to do the trick. They take 10 minutes to heat up, 2 to put in (once you have it down pat of course) and around 30-60 mins to cool, if your feeling really game and want a set that stays perfect for days you can sleep in them, with a decent hair net or scarf to cover but let me assure you this is not for the faint hearted or the light sleeper.


  1. I am so loving your blog. So much whimsy. Just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks so much Bri <3 I promise to be motivated and post ore throughout the week as I am finally settled in my humble new abode now. Thanks for ready xo