Monday, 13 February 2012

Art Galleries & Lovely Ladehs

On this fine day I went to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisvegas. They are running two free exhibitions at present. One by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama which was an exhibition of installations, sculptures, paintings and a film projection. I loved how interactive it was oh and ever so bright. The next exhibition was called 'We miss you Magic Land' and was an installation of a bright and glittery land made of sand and sugar, just beautiful. I enjoyed this day with two great friends, post this we dined at our favourite Japanese restaurant in South Bank then strolled along the river with ice-cream and banter.
This is how I dolled up for this sunny and soulful day.

Outfit: This frock I found in Cairns whilst I was there last at this cute store down this even cuter alleyway, the store is called Kaotica and they have such an amazing array of vintage clothing and jewellery, I fell in love with so many jewels. My shoes are a no brand, but pink and bright- what I'm loving at the moment, mix 2 pretty bold or pastel colours together, today as you can see it's green and pink. Perfect for a summers day out with the ladehs.

Accessories: My earrings were a buy at a market in Thailand but my ring, oh my beautiful Betsey Johnson ring. I feel it added some pazazz to this little outfit and with a hint of pink, well, had to match in perfectly with my colours of the day didn't it. Yes I have a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am also in love at present with this shade of nail polish. I always seem to wear reds but this week have mixed it up with the pastels. It's by Revlon and is shade 'Violetta', a limited edition, however. My perfume today is by the lovely Gwen Stefani and part of the Harajuku Lovers collection, smells like bananas and summer, true love in other words.

Pout: This bright little number I picked up at a Pharmacy. It's by Ultra 3 Lipstick Matte and is shade 'Harem Pink Matte'. Pucker up sailors. 

Here is a picture of all the goodins at the exhibition mentioned. If you reside near Brisbane, Australia you just must make it to catch it before they close early March. So much fun, be warned though you will leave craving candy for the rest of the day.

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