Friday, 24 February 2012

Picnics in the Park.

Where I reside the summers are usually warm are long. The days are clear, hot and sunny with a chance of an afternoon storm. Now of late our weather has been compared much to the same of the lower state Victoria. Cold one minute with torrential rain just to have the day end in a steamy sun set in sweltering heat. On this lovely weekend it was a friends day of birth and to celebrate decided to have a picnic down by the water, it is summer after all, so may as well make the most of it, Vitamin D really is a key ingredient to smiles. The boys were happy to play cricket whilst the ladies sat and sipped cocktails whilst catching up on all the gossip and telling stories. It was one of 'those' days, however. Woke up to a stormy sky and a rainy drive all the way up the coast to our destination. Lucky for us the Lass we were meeting claimed an under cover area in the park just to have the sun come out and play for the rest of the day. Well, to see us into the night and onto a bar to belt out some (bad) tunes at Karaoke. What a day it turned out to be. Ciders, Jack Daniels, catch ups with old friends and new ones and sunsets on a very pretty jetty.
Thanks for loads more pretty memories friends. This is what I wore.

Outfit: The skirt I just purchased at Kmart, I think a white skirt and a white T is a staple in any wardrobe as they always come in handy to mix and match, I just wish I had tried it on as I had to pin it in as was a little big, nothing my trusty sewing machine can't fix once I get a table to set her up though ( another staple every gal needs). My shirt I purchased at H&M in the USA. Gosh, so many things purchased there, just so gosh darn cheap and suprisingly good quality too. My wedges are by Iron Fist and I found them in a little store in Vancouver, Canada. Ahoy sailor. The belt was a part of a dress that I purchased years ago at Trade Secrets. 

Accessories: My hair clip is from Sportsgirl. The earrings from Colette and the picnic basket was a find at a huge Lifeline thrift store on the Sunshine Coast. They always have so many treasures there as well as lots of random things to giggle at. Be warned, big stores like these make it very easy to get lost in. A day dreamers dream.

Pout: The shade I am wearing today is by MaxFactor and is shade ' Ruby Tuesday #715". Every time I say that name the song Ruby SoHo by Rancid always gets stuck in my little noggin,it's ok to dance around your room in your negligee right.

I also wanted to share this great shade of nail varnish. It is by China Glaze and is shade "High Roller". Matches the shade of lipstick perfectly and the name, well, the name says it all. 

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