Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Selfish Satadee's

Selfish Saturdays are what I like to be at least once a month. To sleep in, make a yummy cooked breakfast and then head out for a spot of shopping. It had been really rainy this week so to wake up to a glimpse of sunshine this morning was ever so lovely. So I put on one of my favourite frocks and headed out to enjoy my day (post the selfish sleep-in). I did quite well shopping actually, paid a visit to my favourite Mr Peter Alexander, purchased some delights at Dusk and some adorable accessories at Colette . Only to however walk outside to get into my car to leave and be absolutely saturated in torrential rain. All I can say is thank goodness I decided to wear my hair up in a bun rather that out. How beautiful that would have been.

Outfit: This dress I can not for the life of me remember where I purchased it from, it is vintage and either from eBay or Etsy , either way they are both a gold mine if you are willing to put in the hours sifting through page after page. Something I actually find strangely therapeutic. The style is a 70's day dress and although the fabric can be quite warm as it's quite thick and not very breathable it is a comfortable number either way, just a little toasty.  My shoes I have had for years, many many years, once again no idea where from (I'm doing really well at giving away my secrets this post aren't I-insert sheepish look on my face here).

Accessories: The flower in my hair is one of many from Diva . So easy to do this hairstyle if it's just too hot to wear down or you're just too plain lazy to do much of anything. Twist both sides back&hold in with a-pin then bring all your hair at the back to a point and roll upwards-almost like a horizontal victory roll, bobby-pin and add a flower if you desire to, easy and yet a bit prettier than a plain'ol bun or pony tail. 
The bag I have mentioned before, found at a lifeline store in Cleveland, Brisbane. The earrings picked up at the Phuket City markets in Thailand. My brooch I found at this delightful little store called Mombasa . I remember there used to be a store where I lived on the gold coast many many years ago and they would always have the cutest knick'knacks and accessories. Well now there are a few stores scattered around the place, even an online one-check it out. Palm tree's and an island breeze are amongst my favourite thangs. The perfume of choice on this day to match my summer outfit is another by Gwen Sefani, this time by Harajuku Lovers and is scent 'G' . Isn't the bottle just so cute, I have a few of them sitting on my dresser, like a gang of cute little harajuku gals. 

Pout: This lipstick is  called J├ąger and is shade 'Copper #16'.
I mentioned this lipstick in a earlier post and stated I would re-post due to the cute case it's in. Isn't it sweet, I'm a terrible 'window shopper' as anything cute, kitsch or set up adorably makes me melt and give in (ending in a purchase of course). I'm a visual merchandisers dream, I keep them in a job. Enough,ok enough, I'm blabbering on again.

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