Friday, 24 February 2012

Summer Days.

On this fine, warm and summery day I headed out to some of my favourite stores for a spot of 'window shopping' post cleaning the house and pre a visit from one of my dolls that was on her way up from interstate. Now this lovely ladeh is heading abroad for another grand adventure and has a beautiful 2 year old feline who needed a home for the time that she is away. I of course had to say yes to being a stand-in-momma.
This is what I wore. Pastel pinks and blues. Oh how I love summer.

Outfit: I have said it before and I shall say it again, I. Love. Gingham. My wardrobe can not get enough and so it shouldn't. This pretty as pie skirt I picked up at a Thrift store in Sherwood, Brisbane. I giggled when the at the Nannas at the counter saw that it did not had a price tag, to which they looked at the label on the skirt and said to each other 'Oh, it's a Jag, that's a good brand so that'll be $8 thanks love'. Even though all other items seemed not to be over $4 I didn't argue, it is a 'brand' after all. Bless their cotton socks. The T-ee is a no brand cotton number, one every wardrobe needs to have for these summer days. My pink flats today are from the store Ice and the pink gingham head tie I made. 

Accessories: Now I am forever being asked where I found my glasses. They are actually repo's from Ray Ban and I purchased mine from OPSM quite some time ago. I think they were also a limited edition but I'm sure can be still found. I mostly love them as they are such a big lens so I can see all with my big beady eyes. My earrings I bought at this great trashy costume jewellery store in NYC, fill a basket of great jewels for all of $10 or something like that, reason 127 why I miss that city. Now my beautiful 1960's Japanese Wicker purse was a purchase from Love Lucy Vintage Boutique. A style that I just can't get enough of, I especially love the beading detail on this one. It's just timeless and that's what I love.

Pout: This lipstick is part of the L'oreal long wear lip duo compact and is shade "Perma-Pink #103".

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