Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Devilish Dining

Whilst still in Cairns we would venture out each night for dinner, two nights in a row we found ourselves back at this amazing little Japanese restaurant around the corner from our hotel and right near our little bike hire place. What a delicacy it is, one of my favourite meals; Salmon sashimi, Gyoza and a serving of avocado rolls, oh yum.  With a side of pickle ginger of course oh and some peach ice-tea puhlease. In true form any excuse to get dressed up, this is what I wore one evening.

Outfit: The ever so pretty and petite top was found at Kitten D'Amour, such a pretty mix of pink, lace and bows. I purchased it alongside this very fluffy black organza ballet skirt which I think can only be pulled off by wearing it at the Ballet or Opera in Paris but lucky enough the top can be worn on a dress down occasion. Not that I ever want to 'dress down'. The skirt I found at the local thrift store near my work, high waisted and linen with cute zippers, safe to say I squealed in delight when I found this one, especially seeing as it was $3.50. My shoes are a target purchase from many moons ago. And the belt came with another dress I had purchased online that I will no doubt mention in a future post. Another outfit tip; a thin black belt is the best friend of a gal that ones many a high waisted items, it can also jazz up a simple cardigan by placing it around your waist with your cardie unbuttoned by just a few for a little cheek. Target your inner vixen ladies.

Accessories: My earrings were found at an op shop when I was living on the Sunshine Coast (I think,I have the 'end of year/holiday period' brain). 
Now my handbag, ahhh my darling handbag. So I am lucky enough to be living with my greatest friend, she's a real doll and has been by my side through some very stormy days and has laughed with my on my sunniest of days. I would really be lost without her, she's a real betty that Shatzeh. Anyway it was my 28th birthday last year and she was kind enough to treat me to this Lux de Ville bag as the biggest surprise ever-although she couldn't keep it as a surprise too long and gave it to me a week early because she was just too excited, as was I as soon as I laid eyes on it.

Pout: Oh Revlon, so many shades, so many choices they give a lady. This one is matte 'Pink Pout' shade 002.

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