Friday, 20 January 2012

Sassy Satadee's

Saturdays when the sun is shining and your sister has come to spend the day with you, well you have no choice but to wake up with a smile on your face. I had a consult this morning as I am finally getting around to having my back piece started. I had to go in to have some photos taken so he could properly draw it up to map perfectly to my back (yes from the nape of my neck to the booty it is going to be). This is what I wore to make it easy access I suppose you could say (why, oh why does that sound ever so skanky, I shuddered as I wrote that). No skank in the blood of this ladeh, all class with maybe a little vixen.

Outfit: This top I found at a store on Bridge Road in Richmond Victoria, one of the best shopping streets I have come across if you love outlet stores. I used to work at Epworth Hospital which is right smack bang in the middle so as you could imagine this little ladeh made regular lunch breaks 'outside'. I purchased this top at the Mink Pink store for all of $15 and I seriously kick myself every time I look at it as it also came in pink and red, why oh why I didn't get them also I will never know. The skirt is a thrift store find. The shoes I also purchased on Bridge Road at a cute little store right opposite the Hospital, a cute little wedge and bow, how sweet. They are by Claude d'Alban. 

Accessories: Now my bag, this adorable cane bundle of goodness I found at the Cleveland Markets. A lady who ran the store had all sorts of goodies that she scouted over in Bali and she had this bag in a whole array of colours. It's also very good for me as it is quite small, so prevents me from loading myself up like a mule every time I leave the house. This necklace, this post is practically in awe of this beautiful piece of jewellery. One of my all time greatest friends, the most sweetest gal you will ever know (that's a G-Rated version of Sammy Sweetheart for you Miss Bell). Anyway she came to visit last weekend and brought me a large array of gifts as a belated birthday present, this was one of them. It's a vintage typewriters key and is an "L" of course, I like to  say it's an "L for Lady Love the Legend" not Laura which is my actual name. Ain't it just the most devine thang, it's so special to me. I saw someone with a similar one ages ago and just thought it was the most beautiful piece, so I am beyond ecstatic to have my own now. Another piece of jewellery a woman should own is silver hoop earrings, I, for as long as I can remember have always had a pair, when you're not feeling like anything delicate or have a piece of jewellery on that you want to be the feature, well then a simple pair of hoop earrings go just perfectly, simple with a little bit of pizzaz. Safe to say I feel like I'm channeling my inner Cowgirl today. Now where is that young and delicious Clint Walker at.

Pout: One of my favourites today. One by the ever devine Chanel. Its a Rouge CoCo by the shade of number #19 "Gabrielle".

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