Friday, 20 January 2012

Fantastic Fridays

So I am lucky to have one RDO a month where I work and I always try and suit them to a Friday, there is not a lot more exciting than a long weekend- its like a mini holiday and we all know how much I adore them.
On this day I had a few appointments I had to attend to. I was lucky enough to have my mother along with me though. She came and met me at my humble abode mid morning where I had arranged a little morning tea. We then went out to a lovely lunch in this cute little suburb called Bulimba in Brisbane, we sipped on some white wine, nibbled on muscles soaked in garlic,white wine and tomatoes and then finished the meal off with Affogattos (seriously, coffee and ice-cream. Such a treat). We then ventured into this cute little independent book store next door called River-bend books where I found a cute as pie book that I have been searching for.
So the trip I have been planning for myself this week is to France, Paris mostly with a trip down to Morocco and maybe up over the border to Brussels. Champagne, coats, flea markets and the pretty country side. I absolutely CAN NOT wait and this book is perfectly written to what I want. Once I have read it a bit more in depth I shall make a post in its glory. This is what I wore on this day. Bon voyage.

Outfit: I purchased this fantastic frock last weekend at my ever so favourite Wooloongabba Antique Centre. I call it my sexretary dress, I love a 70's style tie and a pretty floral print, perfect for this warm summers day and Specialists appointments. I hold my hand across my heart when I pledge that it is beyond impossible to step foot into the doors of WAC and not walk out with something in your grubby little hands. Its like something supernatural comes over you and takes you to a world of 'ohhhh look at that, oh,yes I definitely NEED this'. Hey I sure ain't complaining. The shoes I found at the store 'Payless' Shoes. I was walking on by minding my own business and they were just sitting on the outside display sweetly calling my name. I still live by the rule of having to own a pair of wedges in all colours-the most comfiest of shoes, for dining and dancing or shopping and socialising. They were all of $39.00 too.

Accessories: The bag, I have posted about earlier, still a favourite. The earrings I found at the city markets in Phuket Thailand last year, for all of 100Bht (approx. $3AUD). I can't wait to go back there purely for shoes and accessories shopping, it's a gold mine it is. The flower is from the accessories store Diva, pretty sure the pink is matched perfectly to my frock, love it when that happens. My ever so pretty and delicate ring I found at a cute little boutique in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. I used to frequent the Starbucks there quite regularly in a past life and paid a visit back there a few months ago and stepped into this little store which is right by it. They had a 3 tier stand full of different pearls, easy to say I stood there for some time trying to pick a favourite, which i though was cruel, I'll compare it to having to pick a favourite child, just not right. Anyone I took home this little lady and I love her to bits and bring her out on all special occasions. My perfume of choice is Miss Cherie Dior from the lovely Dior.

Pout: This one was given to me from an old friend, I love it for the case which I will post at a later date. It's called J├ąger and is shade 016 'Copper'. 

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  1. gorgeous outfit, i call those types of dresses my naughty secretary dresses! love your blog.