Monday, 9 January 2012


To beat the summer heat I decided to go thrifting, boy 'o boy that probably wasn't the best of ideas as it was very hard to get out of my air conditioned car each time I landed at a new destination. Thank goodness I didn't wear make-up (minus eyes and pout of course) because my face was melting off without it, thank goodness for slurpee's.

Outfit: This dress I bought at Greezefest which is a 1950's nostalgic festival held in Brisvegas, Queensland each year. It is the brand Hell Bunny and stocked by That Shop which is currently based on the Gold Coast but a little birdy that I spoke with at Wooloongabba Antique Centre today told me they are opening another store in Stones Corner shortly, dangerous but wonderful as they stock lots of goodies from Pinup Couture & Deadly Dames, Hell Bunny and Lux de Ville, all the great repo brands. The shoes are from that really really bad (well one of) clothing stores 'Ice' that are always situated in shopping malls, I only stepped in there as these shoes were sitting in the window display and are a lovely sugar shade of pink and all of $15.

Accessories: My ever so crisp and lace hair adornment is a flower I purchased yesterday at Target, it's always nice when your work gives you a gift card to purchase all these sorts of little bits & pieces.
My bracelet was a gift from my clinic manager for my 28th birthday. She also gave me some earrings and they are both by the brand Lovisa who are widely stocked in Myers. Anyway what a gem she is, obviously knows me too well as it consists of; pearls, a tea cup a cupcake and love (note; it has two cute little heart charms also). The bag I found at a thirft store on Ipswich Road in Annerley, I love anything wicker but am still on a lookout for a cute Japanese style one from the 1960's <3 Gahh, so much love.

Pout: This is actually a Dual-ended lipgloss/lipstick combo that I purchased through Avon, yes it sometimes happens that I have workmates leave mail order catalogues on my desk which I usually can not help but flip through and become quick to compile a massive shopping list from, even if it is, well, Avon. All aside it is actually a good gloss (the lipstick, not so much) so I am tickled pink-pardon the pun that I did put my snobbery aside and purchase it. It is a shade called ' Mauve Rose Pink'.

You didn't really think I wold pass up all the cute little purchases I made did you? So my first stop was a little RSPA thrift store which was in a bog 'ol shed and I drank a whole bottle of water in the 15 minutes I was there as the heat was a killer. Anyway enough shinfo, I absolutely adore boardgames and nights in with friends playing them whilst snacking on tasty hors d'oeuvres & sipping on pretty drinks. I don't have a lot of my games anymore as I was lazy in gathering my belongings a while back, so it's nice to have an old favourite back 'Pictionary', so excited to have a Ladies night this weekend and dust off my skills. hehe. I scored it for all of 7 nickels. I also found this cute little lace number of a top, a cute vase and 2 new bangles. A day out thrifting always has to end in a visit to either Wooloongabba Antique Centre or Paddington Antique. So many treasures to handle. I purchased this little peter pan collar lemon tinge dress at WAC. What a day.

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