Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dining and Dancing. A Ladehs prerogative .

What a wonderful weekend I did just have. One of my favourite women in the world came to stay for the weekend. Friday night we feasted on the couch and then lay in bed catching up till one am to wake up bright and early come Satadee where we spent the day thrifting and lunching. That evening I was lucky enough to head out for a eve of amazing food,wine and women followed by a spot of dancing.
I land at today where I headed to the local market with my brother to gather our groceries for the week. I may have had a half an hour nap before heading into South Bank in Brisvegas to meet an old friend that I have not seen in years, I have not even met her nearly 2 year old Mr yet,in fact the last time I saw her she had only just discovered she was pregnant, so, as you can imagine we sat there for many hours catching up, giggling and devouring a plate of waffles with ice-cream, bananas and strawberries at the ever delightful Max Brenners. It was so lovely to see her again and I am looking forward to many more rendezvous with all the above mentioned parties. I really am lucky to have met some amazing people and so many that even though I may not have seen them in years it is like no time has passed and there is never any shortage of conversation. There is no greater thing than life.

This is what I amused myself with dress ups today (I had captured yesterdays outfit which has disappeared from my phone,why oh why ' aint I technically savvy).

Outfit: This dress (which is badly ironed due to my iron having a hissy fit-please oh please don't judge) I purchased at a clothing outlet called Trade Secrets. It is the brand 'Sunny Girl' and is the lightest cotton and so comfortable to wear. I don't call myself a Pink Lady for nothing. My shoes were a purchase on eBay, pink, bows and a little heel, channeling my inner dorothy . The eBay store I found them on is: funkykiwi and opposed to a lot of things I find on there that can break or ware out so quickly they are actually very durable and have lasted and worn very well.

Accessories: My bag, how devine is she. The western buckles, the perfect length of handle and crisp shade of white was purchased on Etsy at the store: RummageVintage , always so many treats to search through. My bamboo bangles were also purchased on Etsy at the store: Spiffytyrant . She also makes some beautiful jewellery and stocks a lot of vintage jewels to match. I absolutely love finding all these cute Etsy stores, as most are based in the states they always have the most delicate of goodies as the amount of estate sales that are on a weekly basis all across the country make it a perfect opportunity to gather goodies to stock in their stores. I'll never forget my find of 6 vintage hats that were sent from New York for all of $26. Yup, really. My pearl headband was purchased at the jewellery store Diva, perfect for trying to hide my horrid regrowth. Oh the joys of being a bottle blonde.
The cute as pie belt and gorgeous gingham sunglasses were given to me as a gift for my day of birth from my favourite ladeh that came to stay with me this past weekend. She does know me all to well, to surprise me with a bunch of my favourite thangs (you just wait to see what else she gave me!!). They are both from this really cute store Forever New that has the most devine range of feminine clothing and accessories to match. A store I know to only allow myself to visit to very seldom due to the range of amazingness they have.

Pout: This pretty shade of pink is by Dior and is Dior addict # 579 "Rose Vision". Just a perfect amount of sparkle to add a bit of glam to my outfit.

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